BUDDY 15 230/1/50 EU
Nilfisk Consumer

Buddy 15 and 18

Small, lightweight and powerful wet&dry vacuum cleaners for private households

BUDDY 15 230/1/50 EU

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The Nilfisk Buddy is a small, lightweight, powerful helper for picking up Wet & Dry debris... for your home, car, workshop and hobbies. Available in 15 or 18 litre versions, all including the cost and time-saving fleece filter bag system which can be left in place even for moist debris.

Easy to carry around. Equipped with a powerful 1300 Watt motor and a high airflow, the Buddy will deal with any wet or dry debris you want to pick up. The Buddy is delivered with useful accessories so you can start right away.

    • The light weight makes it easy to move around.
    • 1300 watt motor will pick up any debris you want to get rid of.
    • Two big wheels at the back and a castor in front make the machine very stable.
    • New fleece filter bag material allows you to pick up moist material without damaging the filter bag.
    • The standard wet filter protects your turbine for a long lifetime.
    • The built in accessory holder provides storage for your accessories so they are always at hand.
    • Ergonomic grip so you will have a balanced machine when you carry it around.

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